About Us


Founded in 2015, Integral Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş. is a professional company with expert staff offering services including tax, independent audit, management consultancy, and corporate finance services, accounting scheme, internal audit system establishment, incentives, and foreign capital legislation, as well as occupational and social security matters todomestic and foreign-capital customers operating in various sectors.

Our company’s customers work in sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, media, education, energy, construction, mining, manufacturing, textiles, chemistry, agriculture, tourism, food and consumer goods, investment, retail, machinery, electronic, petrol, finance, nonprofit organizations, and the like.

We are the only Turkish representative of INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL, a company with over 165 companies in 70 countries. Positioned among the top 40 international audit and accounting networks announced by “Accountancy Age” in 2015, INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL is considered one of the most effective professional networks offering international independent audit and tax consultancy services. Our national and international services offered thanks to this competence continue to be delivered constantly and consistently in accordance with INTEGRA quality standards. With the opportunity to share similar work experience, access international sources, and serve from all over the world, INTEGRA members can meet the current needs of every sector